Give a Viking Fuck

But Luci, those are illegal!

H E L L O !
Hei, I'm Matty. Welcome to my page! Here you'll find the rants and raves of a slasher fangirl who has the patriotism of an anarchist. I love culture, art, and travel, I am obsessive and opinionated. I love making connections across the globe and babbling about anything from literature to politics. Drop me a message. I'll suffocate you with love, and that's a promise. Pairings: Jan/Geir [Kaizers], Terje/Øyvind [Kaizers], Matt/Dom [Muse], Master/Doctor [DW], Troy/Abed [Community], Sherlock/John [BBC Sherlock], Noel/Julian [RPS/Boosh], and many more; Fandoms: Muse, Kaizers Orchestra, Doctor Who, Community, BBC Sherlock, Marvel, The Mighty Boosh, British Comedians, BBC, and many more. I'm a writer, first and foremost. I am also an intensive reader, I dabble in Psychology and politics, and I watch an unhealthy, I'm sure, number of comedy panel shows. I am a fantastic cook and baker, just to be modest. I play the Cello, and a little piano. Don't mind the cynicism, when you catch it you'll get used to it.. eventually. When it comes to things I love, they tend to be things that have existed in the past. So basically, anything vintage, forgotten, or misplaced. I love odd instruments like the accordion and the organ; my favourite smell in the whole world is musty old books. I am a huge fan of foreign film. My iPod, Helge, is filled to the brim with foreign musicians as well. My concept of the future: I want to live in a rickety old house in Iceland, somewhere on the coast, the edge of tortured beauty and abysmal insanity. I want to be a Criminal Psychologist with a Masters in Archival Science. More random facts about me: I've been told I'm Pansexual, but I consider myself simply "not really picky"; I have a rabbit named Sherlock, who has the personality of his namesake; I'm an all or nothing person when it comes to friendship, I accept nothing but commitment. Master Fic ListMy DeviantArtMy Best FriendMy ProfileLayout Credit