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14 March 2012 @ 11:16 pm
People seriously need to check these guys out. Mike Luniw, the lead singer and guitarist was my Orchestra Conductor and massive influence. He's brilliant, multi-instrumental, and the most insane eccentric this side of the planet (he can quote whole Python sketches word for word!) Anyway, local BC talent- I insist!

Check them out now :)
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06 March 2012 @ 08:50 pm
As of today I now have an amp to play my Turntable with! It was an early birthday present from my mom, bless her. She was so happy to give it to me today, too, because when we went to Kelowna for shopping and the likes, I went to this record and CD shop called Underground and bought my very own copy of the not-so-commonly-found-as-it's-always-sold-out Origin of Symmetry vinyl by Muse!!!

I am happy :) now, to get my Uncle over here to set it all up. Apparently I'm techno-dumb... not surprising, really...
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28 February 2012 @ 01:12 pm
I am not liking the idea of Sherlock Holmes in America. Not one bit. What's wrong with America? Can't they just come up with their own bloody ideas and stop stealing everyone else's? Why do they always feel the need to ATTEMPT to "outshine" everyone else? Not everything needs to be American. I mean, they've proven it time and again: America CAN NOT do television. The Brits have it down people! Look what happened when the Americans tried to remake Life on Mars? That was a total disaster. I mean, some American's even thought it was good and original, the poor bastards. Didn't even realise it was shit, and not only shit, but a cheap knock off of one of the best UK television shows ever created starring one of the most prestigious actors of our time - Mr. John Simm. I can just see this happening again, I can feel it; dear god, does history repeat itself.

Also, a woman playing John Watson? As if we didn't see this coming a million miles a minute. Americans and their irrational need to turn everything into some typical heterosexual "American Dream". They couldn't possibly simply let be the natural homoeroticism or even the deeper, more profound understanding for one another that oozes from the characters; oh no, that would only deplete their viewings, wouldn't it? No, Americans expect "normal" relationships; blatantly obvious and sickeningly sweet, shoved in your face until your eyes are bleeding and your brain is imploding from lack of intellectual stimulation.

I'll tell you what, Americans don't do subliminal, and that's why their television is crap. They automatically assume their entire audience is from the bottom of a swamp (no offence to Swamp People.. but the saying still goes) and can't work things out for themselves. How thick are we supposed to be?

See, the Brits get it. They produce charming, intelligent, satirical art. Even some of their comedies; no matter how ridiculous the show may seem, no matter how outrageous some may be, they will always triumph over the juvenile, brain washing, pause-for-laughter, beat yourself over the head with a stick, moronic bullshit that Americans call television.

The only American shows that I've felt any connection with, that I felt deserved kudos or any kind have been either older shows; shows that have had some British influence as in an actor, director, or scriptwriter; or the occasional HBO series (which usually has my previous point embedded in it from the start).

Anyway, I could go on, point after point after point. But I'm afraid I wouldn't only tire you but myself as well. So, to conclude? I don't have high hopes for CBS. Beware the Sherlockians. We're viscous when we're pissed.
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27 February 2012 @ 04:30 pm
As of today I have officially graduated!!!
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24 February 2012 @ 11:42 pm
Well, finally got to the final episode of SE2 and I have decided to state my theory.

Simply, thinking of Mr. Moffat's hint about Sherlock doing something out of the ordinary, I am thinking that he became emotional before he jumped. Sherlock NEVER gets emotional. So, what could have made our darling sociopath so teary? A drug. I'm thinking, the looser your body the less impact, the less damage. So, a drug that makes your body limp and imitate death? It's out there. If anyone can find it it's Sherlock Holmes. And Molly was purely the one to switch out bodies for the funeral.

My second theory would somehow involve the fact that the place Sherlock made John stand left a portion of the fall unobservable, so perhaps something could have happened there? And then that biker knocking John to the ground was pretty suspicious... I haven't exactly worked on this one as much, so I don't have anything else..

But there you have it. My contribution to the mystery. Cheers!
23 February 2012 @ 12:37 am
Whenever I see Tollak's face, the first word that comes to mind is "pretty". He is a very pretty man. What other man do you know, who is actually masculine in appearance, can be called pretty? He is one of a kind, I tell you. A very, very pretty man. Please tell me it's not just me who thinks this? I mean, he's attractive, I agree, but is there anyone else who thinks "pretty"?
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20 February 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Thought I'd post something happy after my previously pointlessly pathetic post. It's not fair to drop any of that on any of you lovely people out there. Sorry.

Click below for the questions and my answers:

Alons-y!Collapse )
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20 February 2012 @ 05:18 am
20 Questions and thoughts that have been running through my head and making it difficult to fall sleep:

1. Should I make my journal friends only?

2. Should I take down my writing?

3. I know I'm NOT writing their real personalities and I state so quite clearly; I technically just use them so I don't need to come up with characters of my own so I can mess about and have some fun without being serious (plus some other reasons I'm not going to bother listing) but I feel so guilty :C


5. I don't think I'm a good writer at all most days

6. I should stop putting myself down

7. Kvamming hell, if Tollak hit on me I would die of happiness!

8. If Terje smirked at me... think of a reaction that is FAR BEYOND the one in question/speculation #6 (to those who don't know, I am IN LOVE with Terje; literally IN LOVE)

9. I wish I could trust my parents

10. Janove Ottesen, why are you so perfect?

11. Geir, could you stop dancing in my head? You're making me giggle and I can't fall asleep...

12. Why don't I live in Norway?

13. I wish I had securer means so I could move out without putting stress on every relationship I have to date

14. Do I even want to go to post-secondary?

15. Is lack of motivation a serious problem? I think so. So why does my therapist keep telling me I'm fine?

16. Is anyone even going to read this?

17. I doubt anyone reads my journal

18. I wish I could be more creative and artistic

19. I tend to make a fool out of myself no matter what I do

20. It'd be nice to meet someone right about now who would seek me out and actually want to be with me instead of knowing a bunch of wishy-washy people who could take me or leave me and don't feel I'm worth knowing
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19 February 2012 @ 12:01 pm
I use my Deviant Art like my Livejournal haha. You want updates on my life? You should probably head over there. I also post my writing more often :)
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16 February 2012 @ 12:03 pm
Used to be feta and chickpeas with some lemon (I know, weird, right?) but now I don't really get midnight cravings :)
What is your favorite late-night snack?