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28 February 2012 @ 01:12 pm
Really America? REALLY?  
I am not liking the idea of Sherlock Holmes in America. Not one bit. What's wrong with America? Can't they just come up with their own bloody ideas and stop stealing everyone else's? Why do they always feel the need to ATTEMPT to "outshine" everyone else? Not everything needs to be American. I mean, they've proven it time and again: America CAN NOT do television. The Brits have it down people! Look what happened when the Americans tried to remake Life on Mars? That was a total disaster. I mean, some American's even thought it was good and original, the poor bastards. Didn't even realise it was shit, and not only shit, but a cheap knock off of one of the best UK television shows ever created starring one of the most prestigious actors of our time - Mr. John Simm. I can just see this happening again, I can feel it; dear god, does history repeat itself.

Also, a woman playing John Watson? As if we didn't see this coming a million miles a minute. Americans and their irrational need to turn everything into some typical heterosexual "American Dream". They couldn't possibly simply let be the natural homoeroticism or even the deeper, more profound understanding for one another that oozes from the characters; oh no, that would only deplete their viewings, wouldn't it? No, Americans expect "normal" relationships; blatantly obvious and sickeningly sweet, shoved in your face until your eyes are bleeding and your brain is imploding from lack of intellectual stimulation.

I'll tell you what, Americans don't do subliminal, and that's why their television is crap. They automatically assume their entire audience is from the bottom of a swamp (no offence to Swamp People.. but the saying still goes) and can't work things out for themselves. How thick are we supposed to be?

See, the Brits get it. They produce charming, intelligent, satirical art. Even some of their comedies; no matter how ridiculous the show may seem, no matter how outrageous some may be, they will always triumph over the juvenile, brain washing, pause-for-laughter, beat yourself over the head with a stick, moronic bullshit that Americans call television.

The only American shows that I've felt any connection with, that I felt deserved kudos or any kind have been either older shows; shows that have had some British influence as in an actor, director, or scriptwriter; or the occasional HBO series (which usually has my previous point embedded in it from the start).

Anyway, I could go on, point after point after point. But I'm afraid I wouldn't only tire you but myself as well. So, to conclude? I don't have high hopes for CBS. Beware the Sherlockians. We're viscous when we're pissed.
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stargeek101: Sherlockstargeek101 on February 29th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)
Haha, wow, that's quite the rant you've built up. I would come up with a smaller one to show my same dissapointment, but I'm afraid I don't have the time or patients for it.

I completely and uterly agree. What the fuck are they thinking? Joan Watson? I will be ashamed to call my clarinet Watson every time I pull him out, just knowing there's a Lucy Liu version of him out there somewhere. Oh dear Matt. What has the world come to? I'm appauled America, do you hear me?!

I'm not changing his name though, don't worry. I couldn't do that to him. Not after he went more than 6 years without a name at all. Nei. He's Watson. I'll just have to forget there's a female version. Shouldn't be too hard. I manage to forget about the country below me every day.

Haha. I love how we're so not racist, except to Americans. Not all of them, but most. Seriously. It's a messed up country. (There are Americans we DO like, in case you happen to fall upon this and be appauled at our extreme hate of the country.) (By 'we' I mean tardis-child and I.)

Ok, now after saying sorry to anyone I have offended. Sorry! I would like to say that I am not at all surprised that I said I wouldn't have the time/energy to go along with a rant...and here I go, finishing a rant. Haha. That's me for you :P

Ok...done...I've expressed my hate towards Joan Watson (from CBS's upcoming Sherlock series.)

Actually, tardis-child also wishes to tell you, though I said I'd do it for her, that she too does not hate ALL Americans...Just the stupid ones. (This is writen in my words, not hers, but that's what she gets when she lets me do her job.) (Oh, she says it's fine. It's all good.)

Ok, NOW I'm done.