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24 February 2012 @ 11:42 pm
Sherlock Theory  
Well, finally got to the final episode of SE2 and I have decided to state my theory.

Simply, thinking of Mr. Moffat's hint about Sherlock doing something out of the ordinary, I am thinking that he became emotional before he jumped. Sherlock NEVER gets emotional. So, what could have made our darling sociopath so teary? A drug. I'm thinking, the looser your body the less impact, the less damage. So, a drug that makes your body limp and imitate death? It's out there. If anyone can find it it's Sherlock Holmes. And Molly was purely the one to switch out bodies for the funeral.

My second theory would somehow involve the fact that the place Sherlock made John stand left a portion of the fall unobservable, so perhaps something could have happened there? And then that biker knocking John to the ground was pretty suspicious... I haven't exactly worked on this one as much, so I don't have anything else..

But there you have it. My contribution to the mystery. Cheers!